Message from the Executive Director


Fighting Back Partnership is a uniquely Vallejo product with deep roots and profound commitment to the health and welfare of our City.

For 25 years, Fighting Back Partnership has been a part of the fabric of Vallejo, working to root out the harmful effects of illegal drugs and helping to rebuild lives and communities through support that empowers.

We strongly believe that the right investments in our children, families, and communities will continue to produce healthy and responsible young people, families positioned to advance, and communities that thrive through security and peace.  It’s all possible through the right investments.

Vallejo is rife with potential, and we at Fighting Back Partnership strongly believe in our City’s ability to set a new course where we succeed together and no one gets left behind.

We are proud to work along side you for the betterment of Vallejo, and we hope that you will be generous in your support of our efforts to make our City the best that it can be.  Your contributions will support our youth programming in schools, our efforts to house the homeless, and our many programs and services that build successful families. 

We are grateful to be a part of this community, and we look forward to another 25 years of service.

I hope for peace and good will to you and your family. 


Kevin Sharps, MPA

Executive Director