Who We Are

Fighting Back Partnership is a non-profit collaboration that partners with business, residents, and government to improve neighborhoods, strengthen families, and support youth development creating a safe, healthy and thriving community.

Mission Statement:
Fighting Back Partnership is a non-profit organization "committed to preventing and ending poverty and its effects" in Vallejo and throughout Solano County.

History of Fighting Back Partnership 

In 1988, concerned citizens of Vallejo and the Vallejo City Council formed a Red Ribbon Committee to explore programs and initiatives that would address the alarming use of alcohol and drugs in Vallejo communities.   

That same year, representatives from this Committee, Jane Callahan, Tony Pearsall, Henry Elliott and Cynthia Kay, secured a $2 million grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to support the development of a comprehensive community-lead plan to curtail the substance abuse problems. This Committee and its strategic initiatives sparked the creation of Fighting Back Partnership.   

Since that time, Fighting Back Partnership has emerged as one of the leading social service and community development organizations in Vallejo, providing crisis support and economic development for individuals and families and supporting under served communities to increase safety, eliminate blight, and curtail alcohol and tobacco use among youth.  


Knowing that there are people out there that care like Fighting Back Partnership helps me sleep at night.

Our Investment

At Fighting Back Partnership, we believe that the right investments in people and community reap returns that last long past the beginning or end of any particular program.  We partner with people for their individual and collective success - not to make them better recipients of services.

Equip people with sufficient resources.  Give them encouragement.  And they will reach new levels of success for themselves and their families!

Sound investments deliver meaningful returns, and Fighting Back invests creativity, support, and energy in ways that literarily change lives by equipping and empowering people to succeed.  In that way, FBP is unlike any other agency in the City.  Our investments return healthier, more engaged members of the community; young people who are building a future filled with hope and opportunity; and communities where pride and dignity have been restored. 

Fighting Back Partnership invests in success – the success of families and the success of communities!